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Information Technology Services

Restore Previous Version(s) of Deleted Folders or Files using Mac OS X

This tutorial can be used to help individuals restore files or folders on the File Share located on the network path smb://   Backups are performed daily at 2am and are kept for 30 days.


Restore a Deleted File or Folder

Warning:  Restoring a Folder that already exists could overwrite current data you do not want to lose.  Ensure you are saving a copy of the folder.


  1. Open the Finder menu
    • From the Go menu select Connect to Server...

    screenshot illustrating above step

  2. The Connect to Server screen will open
    • In the Server Address: field enter  smb:// where SHARE is replaced by the name of your departmental share.
    • Click the Connect button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. The departmental share will open
    • Note:  If you are prompted for your credentials enter your Queen's NetID and password.
    • You should then see a screen with several folders all starting with a date and time
    • For easier viewing, from the top toolbar open the View menu and select as List 

    screenshot illustrating above step

  4. The Departmental share will now be presented in a list format, sorted by the date and time they were backed up
    • Double click on the folder from the date and time you wish to restore your folder or files from
    • Copy any documents you would like to recover and paste them into a new folder on the shared drive.
    • Warning:  Pasting a previous version of a file within the same folder can overwrite the current version of the file - it is best to restore any folders or files to a new folder created for recovered items to ensure no data is lost
    • To restore the whole folder copy the folder and paste it to a new location
  5. Contact your IT admin Rep or the IT Support Center for assistance if there are any errors.