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Information Technology Services

Restore Previous Version(s) of Deleted Folders or Files using Windows

This tutorial can be used to help individuals restore files or folders on the File Share located on the network path \\\Shared.  Backups are performed daily at 2am and are kept for 30 days.

Warning:  Restoring a folder that already exists could overwrite current data you do not want to lose.  Ensure you are saving a copy of the folder.

  1. On your computer, browse the file share to the desired location
    • Right click on the parent folder that contained the folder you wish to restore
    • From the flyout menu select Restore previous versions

    screenshot illustrating above step  

  2. The Previous Versions screen will open
    • You have the option of  to either restore the folder or copy it to a new location or open it to view
    • Note:  if you choose to restore the older folder it will replace ALL the current contents of the folder with the older contents
    • Double click the folder to view the contents.  If it is the desired version you need, copy the folder to the shared drive.
    • Note: if you require a few files within the folder to be restored, the best option is to select "Copy... and copy this folder to a new location within the original folder.  This is to prevent data loss as all files within the folder will be replaced with the older version if "Restore..." is selected, or if the folder is copied to its original location and overwrites the current folder.

    screenshot illustrating above step

  1. Open the file share
    • Browse the file share to the folder that contains the missing file
    • Right click on the folder and from the flyout menu select Restore previous version

    screenshot illustrating above step

  2. The Previous Versions screen will open
    • All the possible restore points for the folder will be displayed
    • Double click the version of the folder you would like to open
    • If the file you want is in the folder, copy it and paste it to the desired location so you can open and review it.
    • If the file you are looking for is not in this folder, select another folder with a different date.
    • Close the folder when done