Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Manage Your Department's Distribution Groups and Security Groups

Please note that your Distribution Group CANNOT include students, undergraduate or graduate, in order to comply with the Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)

If you want to create a list that will include students, consider using one of these options;

  1. Log into Microsoft Office 365
  2. Open the Settings menu (located in the top right of screen - Gear icon)
    • From the Settings menu select Mail
    • The left navigation menu will open in Mail
    • Click the General tab to open it
    • Select Distribution groups
    • Note:  the Settings menu will remain open until you close it by clicking the x


  3. The Distribution groups screen will open
    • Your screen will show the distribution groups I belong to and distributions groups I own 
    • Distribution groups I belong to
      • You can choose to leave the group but nothing else.
    • Distribution groups I own
      • These groups you can add members to or remove members from
      • Select the group you want to edit by clicking once and selecting the pencil icon at the top, or double click the group


  4. The distribution group will open
    • From the navigation menu on the left select membership
    • The members of the list will be displayed. 
    • To remove someone, locate their name in the list and click the  minus button ( - ) at the top
    • To add a member click the plus button ( + ) at the top


  5. The Members screen will open
    • Enter the name of the person to add to the list
    • Click the search icon
    • The names that match will be displayed.  Click the plus sign ( + ) beside their name
    • Click the OK button


  6. The Group membership screen will re-open
    • Click the Save button. 
    • The new member has been added.
    • For help with any features click the Help button in the upper right corner.
    • Note:  This is the only way to modify distribution groups in Office 365.  Distribution Groups are no longer part of Queen's on-premise Active Directory.