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Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution that enables you to build rich visualizations of your data. Power BI supports hundreds of different possible data sources from simple comma separated files to direct connections integrated to many different software-as-a-service sources. Connect, curate and explore your data with reports and interactive visualizations that you can share within the cloud-based Power BI service. Extend the capabilities of Power BI through its tight integration with the Office suite of tools as well as data services like Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning service.

The Power BI solution is comprised of a set of services:

  • Power BI Desktop is a full featured Windows client that allows you to connect to your data source, prep and model your data, build and share rich visualizations and generate reports. In a typical Power BI workflow, you begin by building a report in Power BI Desktop, then publish it to the Power BI service.

  • Power BI Service, sometimes referred to as Power BI on the web, is the SaaS (Software as a Service) part of Power BI. Using the Power BI service, users licensed with Power BI Pro can create, share, consume reports and dashboards.

  • Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Screenshot of Power BI components

Getting Started

Who Can Have It?

  • IT Services is currently evaluating Power BI to determine the feasibility and viability for broader deployment at Queen's.
  • At this time, only full-time staff and faculty may be eligible to use Power BI  (refer to: How Do I Get It?).

Are There Any Costs?

  • There may be cost associated with Power BI licensing.  
  • Users are responsible for any personal ISP/cellular arising data charges.

How Do I Get It?

How Do I Discontinue It?

  • If you would like to discontinue your use of Power BI, please submit your request using the Power BI Inquiry Form.

What if I Leave Queen's?

  • Please see the Office 365 section of the Service Termination Dates page for details on when service will be discontinued following departure from Queen's.

Additional Information

Supported Platforms

  • Power BI Desktop is only available on Windows. For more information on system requirements, refer to Microsoft's page: Get Power BI Desktop.

Supported Browsers

Mobile App availability


Please refer to the Microsoft Office 365 service page for details on accessibility.


Please refer to the Microsoft Office 365 service page for details on service availability.

Service Level Objective

Please refer to the Service Level Objectives page.

Governing Policies

Users of this service are governed by the following policies detailed on the Microsoft Office 365 service page, failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with suspension of service.

Help & Support

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Or, contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the Online Help Form.

Last Updated: February 26, 2020