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Information Technology Services

ATP Safe Attachments

As of July 3rd 2019, ATP Safe attachments is active for All Faculty and Staff within Queen's Office 365.


What is ATP Safe Attachments?

Safe Attachments is a feature of Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It protects users from malicious attachments like Excel, Word or PDF's containing ransomware, by scanning and actually opening every email attachment in a safe "sandbox" to determine if it contains any malicious intentions before delivering it to your inbox. Attachment scanning will only open attachments that are common targets for malicious content, such as Office documents, PDFs, executable file types, and Flash files.

If an attachment is safe, the message is delivered. If an attachment is unsafe, the user will receive the email, but not the attachment, they will be informed the attachment has been removed and replaced with a text file called “Malware Alert Text.txt” that contains the following:

“Malware was detected by Safe Attachments in one or more attachments included with this email message.

Action: All attachments have been removed.”

ATP Safe Attachments works on email coming from both external and internal sources, meaning it can protect Queen's users from internal threats such as a compromised Queen's computer or Queen's email account. Attachment scanning is not available for encrypted mail / attachments, users should ensure they were expecting mail from the sender before opening encrypted attachments.

Visit our FAQ page to learn answers to common questions about ATP Safe Attachments and ATP Safe Links

Last Updated: June 27, 2019