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Microsoft Teams uses Office 365 groups and users should review the Office 365 Groups Service page and Groups Guidelines before getting started with Teams.

Start a Team

There are four types of Teams that can be created through self-service in Microsoft Teams on the web, desktop client or mobile app.

When you create a new Team in Microsoft Teams, you'll be asked to select from one of four teams

  1. Classes: For teachers and students collaborating on group projects, assignments, and more
  2. PLCs: For educators to collaborate within a professional learning community.
  3. Staff Members: For staff leaders and staff members collaborating on school administration and development
  4. Anyone: For students and school employees collaborating in interest groups and clubs.

Please see the table provided in Microsoft's article: Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams for guidance on which team will suit your needs:

Connecting an existing Group to a Microsoft Team

  • Enhance existing Office 365 groups with Microsoft Teams

    Important: When connecting an existing Office 365 Group to a Microsoft Teams, there are several points that you must keep in mind:

    • You must be the Owner of the Office 365 Group to connect to a Microsoft Team.
    • The Office 365 Group privacy setting must be set to Private. If it is not set to Private, the owner can set it to Private through Group Settings in Outlook.
    • There cannot be a Team that already exists with the name of the Office 365 Group you intend to upgrade to a Team.
    • Existing Groups with hidden membership (and/or GR- prefix) cannot be upgraded to a Microsoft Team.
    • Yammer-connected Groups cannot be connected to a Microsoft Team

Join a team

Microsoft Tutorials

Getting Started


Microsoft Videos

  • What is Microsoft Teams? (2m 30s)
  • Microsoft Teams video training - a series of playlists by Microsoft. Topics include: Quick start, Intro to Microsoft Teams, Set up and customize your team, Collaborate in teams and channels, Start chats, calls, and meetings and Explore apps and tools.

Other Microsoft Resources

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019