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Information Technology Services

Contact Groups in OWA

At Queen's there are several options available for mailing lists.

Contact groups allows the user to schedule meetings with or send an email to multiple people using one email address.  They can be created by any individual at Queen's.  They can be populated with entries from the Global Address List (GAL) - including distribution groups - as well as email addresses from outside Queen's. Contact groups are owned by the person who creates them and are not published in the GAL.  They can, however, be shared with other Queen's people who are on the same email service (exchange or Office 365).   

When you send email to a Contact Group, the To: field on received messages shows the individual email addresses of all members of the list. If you want to hide the membership of the list, use the BCC: field instead of the TO: field when sending email to the group.  If Bcc is not currently visible when you are sending email, click Options... and select Show Bcc.

Creating a Contact Group

  1. From the Navigation pane select Contacts 
    • From the New drop down menu select Group

    screenshot for step 1

  2. The Group screen will open
    • In the Group Name field enter a name for the group
    • To add members from the Global Address Book (GAL) click the Members... button

    screenshot step 2

  3. The Address Book screen will open
    screenshot for step 3
    • Enter the NetID of the person you are looking for and click the search icon (or press enter)
    • The listing will update to show all persons who meet your search criteria 
    • Double click the person you are looking for.  Their contact information will be add to the Members -> field at the bottom of the screen
    • Repeat this procedure to add other members who are in the GAL
    • Click the OK button
  4. The Group screen will re-open
    screenshot step 4
    • The people you added are listed in the dialogue box
    • Click the Add to Group button 
  5. The members of the group will now be displayed in the middle section of the screen
    • To add a user who is not in the GAL enter their email address in the Members field
    • Click the Add to Group
    • The new member will be added to the list of current members.
    • To remove a member from the group select their name and click the Remove from Group button at the bottom right
    • Click the Save and Close button to save your personal contact group

    screenshot for step 5

  6. Your  contact group is now listed in your Contacts
    • To edit the group, double click on the group name
    • You can now send email to your personal contact group.

    screenshot for step 6

Send a Personal Contact Group to Another User

You can share a personal contact group with someone else by forwarding the group to them.  Their copy of the group and your copy of the group are not linked.  If you make changes to your copy of the group, these changes will not automatically be transferred to the other copy of the group.

The Reading Pane must be visible to forward a contact group to someone else.  If your reading pane is not visible click the View menu and select right or bottom.

  1. Open the Contacts menu. 
    Note:  you can choose to show All Contacts, People Contacts or Group Contacts 
    • Select the Contact Group (or contact) you want to share
    • Click the Forward button.   

    step 1 for section 2

  2. An email message will open
    • The  contact group you selected is displayed in the Attached: field
    • Enter the email address of the person you with to share your contact group with
    • Enter a Subject
    • Enter a message if you like
    • Click the Send button

    screenshot for step 2 in section 2

Receive a Contact Group From Another Person

If another person shares a  contact group with you it will arrive by email.

  1. Open the email with the attached contact group
    • Click the attachment to open it

    click on the attachment in the email

  2. The contact group will open
    • You will see the members of the group
    • If you want to change the group name you can
    • If you want to add members to the group you can.  For example the person who sent you the personal contact group may not be a member of the group.
    • Click the Save and Close button

    screen shot illustrating this step

  3. Open the Contacts menu
    • locate the contact group that was sent to you.
    • The contact group is now ready to use.

    screen shot illustrating this step