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Information Technology Services

Creating and Using a Signature in OWA

Sometimes you want a signature to appear at the end of emails.  To avoid needless repetition, the Queen's Outlook Web Application (OWA) allows you to set up a signature that will appear at the bottom of every email.

Follow the instruction below to configure your signature for the Outlook Web App.

NOTE: The signature you create here will NOT cross over to the Outlook client.

Creating Your Signature

  1. Click Options at the upper right region of the screen.
    • Select See All Options...from the drop down list
    • Select Settings 
    • Enter your signature.  This can be just your name, or a closing remark such as thanks, regards etc.  You can customize your font, colour, style, add a link and more
    • You can choose whether you want to apply the signature to every email, or just to save the signature for easy input when you choose to

    Image showing the Signature settings.

Using Signatures in an Email

  1. Automatic Insertion
    • If you check  Automatically include my signature on messages I send , the signature will appear at the bottom of every new message as shown below. 
    • If you have an isolated email for which you do not want to include a signature,  you can simply erase the signature in the email as you would normal text
  2.  Manual Insertion
    • If you do not want to include the signature in every message, but still want to store the signature for use, simply uncheck Automatically include my signature on messages I send under Settings. 
    • When you wish to add the signature, click the Insert Signature button at the top right of the new message screen.

    the signature in her email