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Vacation Messages OWA

This tutorial teaches you how to create an auto-reply for emails for when you're out of the office from the Outlook Web App.

Create an Auto-reply message

  1. To access this feature, click Options at the upper right corner
    • Select See All Options...
    • Select Organize Email on the left side
    • Select Automatic Replies

    This is an image demonstrating how to get to the Automatic Replies configuration.

  2. You will be presented with the Automatic replies option:
    • Click the radio button Send automatic replies
    • Choose a time range for your Automatic Reply (e.g. the length of your vacation). Although a setting a time range is recommended, it is not necessary.
    • Type your Automatic Reply in the text field at the bottom. You can customize font, colour etc.

    This image shows the Automatic Replies feature for members of your organization.

  3. The Outlook Web App allows you to set independent Automatic Replies for senders outside of your organization
    this image shows a vacation message for your personal contacts
    • Scroll down and check the Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization option.
    • Choose one of the radio buttons to specify who will see this Automatic Reply
    • Make changes to your message and then click Save

Turn off the Auto-reply message

If you did not set a specific time range for your Automatic Replies, Outlook will continue to send Automatic Replies until you choose to turn off this feature. To turn off  Automatic Replies you can simply uncheck the Send automatic replies box in the Automatic Reply options.

If you are worried that you might forget to turn off your Automatic Replies , the Outlook Web App will ask you if you want to turn off your automatic replies whenever you sign in to Microsoft Exchange via the Outlook Web App. 

This image displays the reminder that you receive to turn off your Automatic Reply