Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services
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NetID Best Practices

Your NetID is used to gain access to online University services and resources. You should never give your NetID and password to anyone else as doing so can expose both your personal and confidential information and that of the University.

An increasing number of emails are being sent to Queen's University email addresses asking you to verify your NetID and password. These emails are hoaxes known as phishing attacks, and are fraudulent attempts to get you to reveal personal information. No legitimate authority at Queen's will ever ask you to divulge your NetID password.

The following NetID practices are recommended by ITS:

  • Never give out your NetID and password.
  • Do not reply to any email asking you for this information, or click on links in such an email.
  • If you have replied, change your password immediately and contact the IT Support Centre.
  • Do not use your NetID and password as your login credentials for any online service that does not require them. This includes some Queen's services  as well as all non-Queen's applications (e.g. online banking, shopping).
  • Contact the IT Support Centre at 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the online help form if you have any questions.

Remember that divulging your NetID password or other access control information for your accounts is a violation of the Queen's Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

Important information about student-employee email accounts

It is very important to keep your employee identity separate and distinct from your student identity. If you have already forwarded your employee email account to your student account, please remove the forwarding and ensure that any work-related email is transferred to your employee email account.

For further details, please read the Fact Sheet on the Records Management and Privacy Office site. For information on handling confidential university documents, refer to the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

Last Updated: December 13, 2019