Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services
IT Services is migrating content about our services from the IT Services website to our service request platform, ServiceNow. The content of this webpage is no longer maintained. The updated page is now located in the Knowledge Base within our Service Portal.


NetID Termination

Your NetID is your network identity at Queen's University. It will be the "User ID" you need to sign on to the applications and services that are operated by Information Technology Services (ITS), such as email, onQ course management system, SOLUS Student Centre, MyQueen'sU, QShare, Wiki, etc.

When you leave Queen's you will lose access to many of these services.  For details on which services you will lose or retain and when please see the Service Termination Timeline web page.


  • Once your NetID is activated it will remain active in order to access services in SOLUS.
  • If you receive an email indicating you have been identified as an inactive student and changes will happen to your NetID contact the ITSC (x36666) immediately.
  • For more information please see the Account Termination Policy.

Staff or Faculty

NetIDs can be put in a terminated state under any of the following conditions:

End of Contract 

When a contract has reached the end date, the corresponding NetID is disabled immediately

Voluntary Termination of Employment

Account will be disabled once Human Resources has processed the appropriate documentation in PeopleSoft which will feed ITS systems

Involuntary Termination of Employment

Requires the ITAdmin Rep to contact the ITSC (x36666) by phone and if the ITAdmin is unable to place this request it must come from a senior administrator in the department (example: Director, Department Head, Dean)

Options for involuntary termination:

  • Deactivation of NetID:  This process would prevent all NetID access and stop any email from being received or sent. 
  • Disable the NetID:  The password for the NetID is changed, limiting access to only the individual with the new password.  Email will continue to be received to the account.
  • Requests to access an account that has been deactivated or disabled will be restricted to the ITAdmin or senior administrator

    Last Updated: December 6, 2017