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Information Technology Services
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Changing and Removing Stored Passwords Tutorials

If you use PeopleSoft software at Queen's University to access administrative systems, you will be required to change your NetID password every 120 days.

Many applications allow you to "store" your passwords on your behalf. Anytime you change your NetID password, you must go back to each application in which you allowed storing and update the password that is being stored to your new NetID password.

Due to the frequency with which you must change your password when using the PeopleSoft application, and because it is not a good security practice, ITS does not recommend that you allow any application to store password information except in order to access Secure Wireless (see below).

Please visit the tutorials below for more information on how to Change and Remove Stored Passwords:


  • Includes instructions for
    • Firefox (Windows)
    • Firefox (Mac)
    • Google Chrome (Mac & Windows)
    • Internet Explorer (Windows)
    • Safari (Mac)

Email Client

  • Outlook (Windows and Mac)
  • Apple Mail


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS iPhone / iPad
  • Android
  • Please note: Secure Wireless (WPA2) is the only application for which ITServices supports saving your password.



Last Updated: June 15, 2017