Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services
Queen's has migrated Campus VPN services from Cisco Anyconnect to Fortinet's FortiClient VPN.

Install the Fortinet FortiClient VPN

If you’re travelling or working away from the office, using the Campus VPN client (Fortinet FortiClient) is a safe and easy way to ensure a secure, remote connection to on-campus resource.

Note: if you are still on campus, please download and install the Campus VPN client (Fortinet FortiClient) prior to relocating to your remote work location. In order to install, you will need to be enabled as a "Local Admin" on your device. The installer will prompt you for a local user name and password. If you do not know your local admin username and password, please contact your departmental IT rep or the IT Support Centre for direction.


NOTE:  Linux clients are not supported.  Linux based users have reported success using the OpenConnect Linux Client to connect to