Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Moving Telephone and Network Services

Arranging the move of telephone and network services for upcoming office relocation is the responsibility of the ITAdminRep.  This includes moves resulting from a Physical Plant project.

Getting Started


  • All university provided telephone and network services.

Additional Information:

  • ITS (Networks & Telecom) is available to consult and assist ITAdmin Reps with the planning of moves for telephone and network services.
  • Floor plans providing room and jack numbers are available through ITS (Networks & Telecom).
  • To help in the planning of the move, a complete list of all services assigned to a department can be obtained from ITS (Networks & Telecom).  This list can ensure that all services, including fax machines, modems, and alarm circuits are included in the planning of the move.

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  • New wiring (jacks), when necessary to accommodate the move of existing services, is charged to the PPS project, or, if the move is not related to a project, charged to the department on a time and materials basis.  Estimates can be provided by contacting ITS (Networks & Telecom).
  • There is no charge to move existing telephone and network services.
  • Service Fees are charged for the installation of new telephone and network services.

Requirements & Availability:

  • A minimum of 5 working days is required for Telephone and Network moves.
  • Moves involving many telephone and network services may require more than 5 working days.
  • ITS (Networks & Telecom) strives to be as flexible as possible when doing major departmental moves to allow us to meet the needs of the department.

Help & Support

  • Additional information can be provided by contacting ITS (Networks & Telecom) at 32001.