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Information Technology Services
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Mac OS X 10.x

ITS recommends all staff, faculty and students connect to the secure wireless network (QueensuSecure_WPA2).  Below is a tutorial on how to connect to this network.

Note: If you are having trouble configuring a wireless connection please drop by the IT Support Centre located in Mackintosh-Corry hall on the Student Street - right across from the cafeteria, during regular business hours.  

Connecting to the Wireless Network

  1. Make sure your wireless connection is turned on 
    • Click on the Network icon located on the top right side of the screen
    • If wireless is turned off, the Turn Wi-Fi On option will be available

    screen shot illustrating above step

  2. The Network screen will open 
    • Select QueensuSecure_WPA2

    screen shot illustrating above step

  3. The Wi-Fi network "QueensuSecure_WPA2" requires WPA2 enterprise credentials screen will open
    • In the Username: field enter your Queen's NetID
    • In the Password: field enter your NetID password
    • Check the box beside Remember this network
    • Click the Join button

    screen shot illustrating above step

  4. The Verify Certificate screen my open
    • Click Continue

    screen shot illustrating above step

  5. The You are making changes to your Certificate Trust Settings. screen will open
    • In the Name: field enter your Mac(System) name (this is not your NetID)
    • In the Password: field entery your Mac System Password
    • Click the Update Settings button
    • You should now be connected to the network

    screen shot illustrating above step

  6. To verify you are connected, click on the Network icon again
    • There should be a checkmark beside QueensuSecure_WPA2

    screen shot illustrating above step

Disconnecting from the Wireless Network

  1. From the Wi-Fi menu select  Open Network preferences?
    • The Network preference show the status of your Wireless connection and has option to disconnect.

    OS X Network Preferences Panel 

  2.  The Network preferences screen will open
    • Click the Disconnect button
    • You can now close the Network Preferences dialog.

    Disconnecting via Network preferences.

Last Updated: August 30, 2017