Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Upgrading Queen's core network for availability, resilience and performance

ITS will be performing a core network upgrade resulting in a planned network outage on Saturday, July 29 beginning at 8 pm and continuing to Sunday, July 30 at 6 am. This upgrade is part of a continued effort to strengthen Queen's network availability, resilience and performance. The upgrade includes replacing a large component of Queen's primary routers which ultimately direct the vast majority of campus network traffic.

This upgrade is part of a continued effort to strengthen Queen's network availability, resilience and performance.

What does this mean for me?

Replacement of critical components of Queen's primary routers serves as the beginning of a larger core upgrade project.


During the upgrade period, there will be limited or no network access on both wireless and wired networks throughout campus.

If you are on campus, your devices will be unable to access the Internet or local network drives and resources during this period.

Off campus, access to services such as SOLUS, OnQ, MyQueensU and the main Queen's website will be generally accessible with only minor interruptions expected. These resources will generally not be available from within campus during the upgrade period.

Desktop phones will not be impacted. While mobile phones will be unable to connect to the wireless network, you can still use your phone's network data.

Is this a campus-wide outage?

Yes, all campus buildings will be affected by this outage. However, the following buildings will only experience brief outages (lasting approximately 1 minute) throughout the upgrade period:

  • Duncan McArthur Hall
  • Donald Gordon Centre
  • Richardson Stadium
  • Goodes Hall
  • Stauffer Library
  • Mackintosh Corry Hall
  • Botterell Hall
  • New Medical Building
  • Cancer Research
  • Louise D'Acton
  • All Queen's Residence buildings

What about payment terminals? Can I use debit or credit?

Payment terminals at the following locations are NOT expected to be affected by the outage:

  • Advancement Call Centre
  • Queen’s Centre
  • Parking garages
  • West Campus including Donald Gordon Centre
  • Victoria Hall, Waldren Tower, Smith House , Watts Hall, Haynes Hall and Bagot St.

What if I am still having issues connecting after the upgrade period?

If you are still experiencing problems connecting to the network after the upgrade has been completed, please contact the IT Support Centre at (613)533-6666 or by filling out the Online Help Form at

Network outage beginning Saturday, July 29 at 8 pm til Sunday, July 30 at 6 am.