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Information Technology Services

OnQ + Turnitin = Supporting Academic Integrity

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) together with Information Technology Services (ITS) is pleased to announce the campus-wide launch of Turnitin, directly accessible through onQ. After running a series of pilots over the past semester, the stage is now set for those educators interested in using Turnitin in future semesters.  



Turnitin will be available for course integration beginning May 15, 2017,
in time for courses beginning in September 2017.


What is Turnitin?

Turnitin analyzes student assignments against a vast database of authored works to check for incorrect citations. An "originality report" is then generated which specifies the areas of an assignment that match other works within the database. The report is then reviewed to determine any issues with citation and referencing.  

Integration of the program into Queen's courses is intended to:

  • Develop students' academic integrity;
  • Deter students from committing plagiarism, and;
  • Detect where plagiarism is present.

The purpose of having Turnitin integrated into onQ courses is to educate, encourage and enhance academic integrity at Queen's. It is important for everyone to learn how to recognize and build on previous knowledge and learning, and Turnitin can be a tool that helps.”  

- Peter Wolf, Associate Vice-Provost and Director (CTL)


How can Turnitin be used?

There are two approaches to using Turnitin for plagiarism detection:

  • The "student draft" approach allows students to submit their paper and receive an originality report based on its current state. The student is able to resubmit the assignment for subsequent reports until the assignment deadline.
  • The "instructor-only" approach does not allow students to resubmit assignments and instead an originality report is generated for the professor at the time of submission. The student is not able to view the report.

In the recent course pilots, the majority of educators came expecting to use Turnitin as a plagiarism detection tool – to check student work after submission. When provided with the option of allowing students to view their own originality report and amend their assignment based on feedback in anticipation of final submission, almost all the courses adopted this approach as a means to encourage the further development of academic integrity skills.

I personally love Turnitin because it helps me avoid accidental plagiarism. It makes me submit assignments more confidently.”

- Pilot Survey Student Respondent


Note: Other features within Turnitin are available but currently under review (Peermark, Grademark).


Support for Instructors: How do I integrate Turnitin into my course?

For detailed instructions on integrating Turnitin into a course, please visit the the CTL website (

If you are having difficulties with this integration, please contact the IT support Centre at (613) 533-6666.Support sessions will run every Thursday from 2-3pm (beginning May 18, 2017) in the CTL to set up  Turnitin in onQ or for information on how to make best use of Turnitin. One-on-one sessions are also available upon request.  

For more information or to book a session, please contact Selina Idlas (  

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