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Information Technology Services

Queen's University Administrative Systems Replacement



PeopleSoft Finance 9.0 to 9.2 October 2014

QUASR image - QUASR name in centre, with 5 puzzle pieces connected to it.

QUASR  was the project to replace the Student, Human Resources and Finance administrative systems. The implementation affected virtually everyone at Queen's, directly or indirectly, and helped:

  • improve levels of service delivery
  • reduce risk
  • improve access to information, and
  • integrate systems across departments.

In the first Finance release in November 2009, the decades-old mainframe systems used for Finance were replaced by market-leading, Internet-style software. Anyone involved with University finances now works with an improved Chart of Accounts,integrated general ledger, accounts payable and commitment control (budget checking) system. A new procurement process brought changes involving requisitions for purchase orders, online approvals, and providing online receipts for goods and services received by the University.

The first phase of the new Student administration system was released in October 2010 with Admissions and the first phase of Financial Aid. The rest of the new system was launched through March 2011 and is now being used by thousands of Queen's students, faculty and staff.

The transition to the new Human Resources administration system began February 17, 2012. New Core, Benefits, Payroll, and Time and Labour modules were implemented.