Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Student Email Account Termination Policy at Queen's University

Last Updated: February 11, 2008

A) Account removal

Each year, during the first week of March, email accounts held by students who are no longer registered at Queen's University are removed from the student mail system. All files are deleted, including all files and programs in the home directory, messages in mailboxes, and all associated web pages. The NetId can no longer log in to receive mail, and incoming mail is rejected from then on with a "User unknown" message.

Accounts on Jeff-lab are similar, but are based on course registration and removed each June if they are not active.

B) Exceptions

Email accounts are not removed if the account holder:

  • is currently active according to the University Registrar (This includes being currently registered in a course, on exchange, or having a letter of permission),
  • is on a work internship, or
  • fits a special case, of which the appropriate University authority notifies ITServices.