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Information Technology Services

UNIX Virtual Web Hosting Policy at Queen's University

Last Updated: January 30, 2004


Virtual web hosting allows a department, group or organisation that has a web site on an ITServices managed UNIX server to have a domain name that uniquely identifies them. This gives their online presence a unique web address instead of one based on the server that the web site is on.

ITServices would prefer a web site to follow the convention of


where 'name' is the site itself if it resides on the server, or a redirect to the actual web site. A redirect on can give most of the "value" in image; people should ask themselves what is the real difference between, e.g. www and mysite or www If a different or unique URL is required a virtual hosted web site can be setup.

Virtual web hosting capabilities are provided to the campus on ITServices managed departmental and main UNIX servers that run the apache web server. This is intended for departments, multi-departmental groups and projects, corporate partnerships, or multi-university research groups where the lead institution or coordination unit is at Queen's. This service is not available to students or student groups.


  • The virtual web host sponsor and backup must be full-time faculty or staff members and provide on-campus contact information. Updates will only be accepted from the sponsor and backup contacts. Ownership of the domain may not be transferred. Other requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.



  • Before requesting a virtual web hosted site, please ensure that you have already obtained and setup your DNS entry. The naming of virtual hosted web sites must be in accordance with the current practices and guidelines listed in the DNS Policy at Queen's University.
  • Addresses and naming services within the domain are provided to the Queen's community as part of the basic suite of services provided by ITServices. Please note that in cases where the domain name does not currently exist, it must be requested in accordance with the DNS Policy. Names outside of the domain, however, represent extra costs and are not provided gratis.

Other Information

  • Refer to the UNIX Web Servers Policy for detailed information on the server and web software configuration, web account responsibilities, and more.
  • Please note that virtual web hosting does not imply (or allow) email service or capabilities for the hosted web site. You must still use your valid Queen's email address.