Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services
As of October 31, 2019, the QShare service will be decommissioned. All files currently stored within QShare will need to be migrated to other applications. For more information about your migration, please visit the QShare Decommissioning page.



QShare is an on-line file storage, distribution and sharing solution for the Queen's community. It provides a secure, web-based file space where files can be securely stored and shared with others - anywhere, anytime.

Legal Disclaimer

As a QShare user, you are responsible for the security of your files and files shared with you by others. Failure to take appropriate security measures may result in the unauthorized disclosure or use of information, some of which may be sensitive or confidential. Neither Queen's University nor ITS will be held responsible for nor assume any liability for damages suffered by or claims brought against QShare users arising out of their use of QShare file sharing.

Getting Started

Who Can Have It?

How Do I Get It?

  • To access QShare open your browser, go to and
  • login using your NetID and password.
  • Your QShare account will be automatically created for you on your first access.

Additional Information

If you have a need to share files with others, consider QShare's offering. 

  • The files are stored on a secure server
  • The recipient chooses when they want to get a file rather than having it sent to them
  • You can buy additional storage space if you need it
  • QShare's collaboration tools let you know when and who has accessed the file
  • Versioning allows you to "roll back" to a previous version of a file
  • Comments are not embedded in the document - they are accessible from the Manage screen
  • Working with a budget, a membership list, or some other type of file that several people edit? With QShare there is only one copy of the file.
  • There are regular backups to prevent data loss
  • QShare has virus checking
  • The owner of the QShare Account determines what files will be kept private, what files will be shared with other individuals, and what files will be made available to the general public.
  • QShare is designed to facilitate collaboration, workflow, and basic document management.

QShare Personal Accounts

  • QShare Personal accounts are available free of charge to all Faculty, Staff and  Students at Queen's University.
  • For more information see the QShare Personal Account section.

QShare Group Accounts

  • There are 2 kinds of Group accounts available: Department accounts and Ad Hoc Group accounts.
  • For more details see the sections on Group Accounts.  


  • The targeted availability of this service is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24x7).
  • Users of the service should expect occasional but infrequent service interruptions or slowdowns, both planned and unplanned.
  • Where it is necessary to schedule system maintenance that necessitates a service outage, ITS will do this outside of regular business hours whenever possible.
  • Please check the ITS Notification page for information about unplanned service outages.
  • Standard Hours of Operation

Service Level Objective

Please see the links below for Service Level Objectives:

Governing IT Policies

Users of this service are governed by the following policies, failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with suspension of service:

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