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Configure The Xythos Drive Client To Access Your QShare Account

NOTE: This software is licensed to department with QShare Group Accounts. QShare Group Admins have access to this software, please request the software from them..

Xythos Drive/Blackboard Drive for Windows and Mac OS X allows applications to operate directly on documents stored in QShare servers.

Once installed you need to configure it to access your QShare account. If you have access to more than one QShare account, you can repeat the configuration process for each account.

  1. When your computer restarts go to start menu and select All Programs->Xythos Drive
    screenshot of the Window's Start menu with the Xythos Drive circled in red
  2. The Xythos Drive client will open.
    • Click on the "+" button to add new volume.

    setup / connection / disconnection dialog

  3. The Service Properties screen will open
    • in the Service Name dialogue box enter a name you will know this services as (for our example we will use helpdesk home).
    • In the Server URL dialogue box enter the entire path to your QShare directory. This must be exact or you client will not be able to connect to your QShare account. Log on to your QShare account in a web browser and look at the directory path to ensure you have the correct information.
      • The first part of the URL is the same for every QShare user
      • The next part of the URL depends on where your QShare account exists on the QShare server. In our example it is Users01/ . 
      • The last part of the URL is your NetID. In our example our NetID is helpdesk.
      • For a Group account it will be / Groups/.
    • In the Username: dialogue box enter your NetID . In our example our NetID is helpdesk
    • In the Password: dialogue box you can enter your password and check the box Save password. If you do this the client will have your password whenever it needs it. If you choose not to have your password remembered you will be prompted to enter your password whenever it is needed. Caution: Do not save your password on a computer that you share with others.
      Note: If you choose to save your password and you subsequently change your NetID password you will need to return to this screen and re-save your new password.

    screenshot of edit connection window

  4. Click on Advanced button to expand the dialog, and
    • In the Startup Mode section check Online
    • Click the OK  button at the top
      Note: with this setup the Client will be a "startup item" and will automatically connect each time your computer is started. Look for the Client icon in the System Tray.

    Advanced feature to select drive letter, and other options.

  5. The Drive: name will change to the Drive letter you selected and the Service name you assigned it. If drive letter is assigned automatically then it will be shown when you connect. 
    • Click Connect to connect the selected shared volume to your computer.
    • Click the Close  button to close Xythos setup window.

    screenshoot of Xythos Drive 64 window with QShareUser item and Disconnect button both highlighted

  6. A screen will open showing you the directories and files on your QShare account (if you have an active internet connection). Open and close them the way you would any Windows directory or file. When you click on a file the appropriate program will be launched and the file opened. When finished, save your file as you normally do.
    screenshot of the Xythos Drive showing the folders on QShare
  7. If you setup the Xythos Drive Client without the userid and/or password you will be prompted for the userid/password when you connect (automatically or manually).
    screenshot of the Username and password screen to connect to the QShare account
  8. You can change the account configuration, or to add another account at any time
    • In the System Tray locate the Xythos Drive icon
      screenshot of the system tray with the Xythos Drive Client circled in red
    • Click on the icon. The Xythos Drive menu will open.
    • refer to the instructions above to add a new account or change the configuration.

Note: If you have another QShare Account that you would like to appear as a drive also, repeat steps 2-8. In Step 4 select another drive letter if assigning drive letter manually.