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Information Technology Services

QShare Tutorials - Contacts and Groups

Contacts can be any individual who has a Queen's NetID.

Groups are comprised of one or more individuals who have a Queen's NetID.

In QShare there are 2 kinds of Groups:

  1. HR Department Code Groups: These groups are defined at the University Level.
    HR Department Code Groups  makes it possible for applications, like QShare, to grant access permissions to entire departments or management units within a department.  See the tutorial Using HR Department Codes  for more information. 
  2. Personal QShare Groups are groups of individuals an owner or administrators of the QShare space creates. These groups exist only in the QShare Account they are created in and cannot be shared with other QShare Account owners. The owner of the group chooses members of the group from the LDAP directory. Anyone  with a Queen's NetID  can be added to a personal Group.

Create Contacts

  1. Log in to QShare 

    screen show showing the QShare screen with the areas noted above highlighted

    • From the Main Menu select Setup
    • From the Setup menu select the My Contacts tab
    • From the My Contacts tab select Users
    • Click the New Contact button 
  2. The New Contact screen will open 
    • Click the down arrow beside the Find User: field
    • The search options will expand allowing you to choose to search using the From: field and the where: field.  The best results will be given if you search by the where: and select NetID
    • In the Find User: box enter the NetID of the user you are looking for
    • Click the Find button

    screenshot showing the New Contact Find User: screen

    • Your search results will be displayed  
      • You may receive multiple NetIDs to choose from.
      • Select the NetID you are searching for with a single click
      • Click the OK button

        screenshot of the New Contact screen with multiple NetIDs returned from the search

    • The My Contacts screen will re-open 
      • The information for the NetID you selected will now be in your list of Users
      • Verify that the Name, NetID, and Email Address do belong to the correct User
      • When you are finished adding Users click the Home button

        screenshot of the My Contacts screen showing the Users

    Create Personal Groups

    1. From the Main Menu select Setup
      • From the Setup Menu select the My Contacts tab
      • From the My Contacts tab select Groups
      • Click the New Group button

        screenshot of the MyContacts screen showing the Groups

    2. The New Group screen will open 
      • Give your Group a Name
      • Click the Next button

        screenshot of the New Group screen asking a a Group Name:

    3. The Members of .... screen will open  
      • Click the down arrow beside the Find Users: box
      • The Search options will expand.  The best search results will be achieved when you search by NetID
      • Enter the NetID to search by
      • Click the Find button 

        Screenshot of the Members Of screen showing NetID selected

    4. The Search results will be displayed on the screen  
      • The Search may return multiple NetIDs that meet the search criteria
      • Choose the correct NetID
      • Click the Add Members button

        Screenshot showing the search results

    5. The Members of "your group" screen will be shown  
      • Continue this process until all the members of your group have been added
      • Click the Save button
      • Your group is now ready to use.

        screenshot showing members being added to my group