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Examity is an online proctoring system that gives students the flexibility to take assessments remotely. It provides instructors, schools, and students with the tools they need to preserve academic integrity. 

The Examity service features a full integration with onQ, the Queen's Learning Management System (LMS)*, facilitating the setup of exams by allowing the direct transfer of course, exam and student enrolment data to the Examity system.

*Examity is also integrated with Elentra, the Faculty of Health Sciences LMS - for further information, please contact the BHSc Technical Support Team.


  • Record students’ webcam/microphone feed, screen activity, and the physical examination room to monitor student activity.
  • Review inappropriate behaviour or violations through a dashboard-styled report.
  • Set accommodations and special instructions for exams to allow for extra time and authorized resources (e.g., scrap paper, text books, etc.).
Examity Service Levels

Examity offers two levels of authentication and three levels of proctoring - each level of authentication pairs with a level of proctoring. Review the conditions of each proctoring level to determine which is the most suitable for your exam.


  • Level AA: Auto-Authentication

Auto-authentication is a multifactored authentication process, wherein the student takes a picture of their government or Queen’s student photo ID and their face, answers challenge questions and completes a digital signature, which measures keystroke cadence.

  • Level LA: Live Authentication

An Examity proctor will follow a strict process of ID verification, including photo comparison, challenge questions, and a digital signature (measuring keystroke cadence). Next, the proctor will confirm the exam rules with the student. To verify that no unauthorized materials are present and ensure a ‘clean’ test environment, the proctor will request a 360-degree room pan and desk sweep.


  • Level 1 APS: Automated Proctoring (Standard)

After the auto-authentication process is complete, Examity software captures audio, motion, and systemic (i.e., computer) changes to identify aberrant behaviours. Within hours of the conclusion of the exam, full video, audio, and analytics will be made available on the instructor dashboard. All videos have timestamped comments associated with specific violations, as well as hyperlinks that allow instructors to immediately jump to these incidents.

  • Level 1 APP: Automated Proctoring (Premium)

After the auto-authentication process is complete, Examity software captures audio, motion and systemic (i.e., computer) changes to identify aberrant behaviours. At the conclusion of the exam, for quality assurance, the Examity auditing team reviews the exam recording, before releasing the audio, video, and analytics to the instructor Dashboard.

  • Level 2: Record and Review Proctoring

After the live authentication process is complete, the proctor drops off the screen, and the session is recorded from start to finish. The exam is later reviewed in its entirety by a human Examity proctor, with the support of AI-enabled software, to ensure that no rules have been violated. After the exam is complete, the Examity auditing team reviews the video recording before releasing the audio, video, and analytics to the instructor Dashboard.

  • Level 3: Live Proctoring

After the live authentication process is complete, a live Examity proctor, with the support of AI-enabled software, monitors the student’s surroundings and full desktop in real-time. This is not a ‘pop-in’ experience and Examity does not change proctors in the middle of an exam – the same proctor that greets the student at the beginning of the exam is the same proctor that monitors the entire exam, ensuring a seamless experience, with minimal disruption.

The most critical advantage of the Live Proctoring service is that Examity proctors can intervene (e.g., advise the test-taker) in real-time if a violation of academic integrity is detected. In addition, proctors can pause the exam if the student goes offline, to protect the integrity of the exam. All Examity proctors are IT-trained, should technical troubleshooting be necessary.

To ensure maximum quality of proctoring results, the human Examity auditing team will review exam recordings (including authentication) before releasing audio, video, and analytics to the dashboard. Instructors will have access to this full recording, which shows the webcam view, as well as everything that happened on the student’s screen.


Who Can Have It?

  • The Faculty/School will determine if a remote proctoring tool will be made available for a course. The use of Examity is subject to the approval of an Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) - please see the 'How Do I Get It' section for further details.

Getting Started

Are There Any Costs?

  • Yes, Examity is a fee-based service, with fees varying by the type of proctoring you select for your exam. These costs are incurred by an instructor's Faculty or School, and will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Please consult the Queen's Examity Pricing Guide for details (note that you will be required to log in to your Queen's Office 365 account to access the guide).

How Do I Get It?

Each Faculty / School is coordinating the processes for implementing remote proctoring technologies and determining which tool will be available for courses that require proctored tests and exams. Instructors should consult with their Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) about the use of Examity in their courses. 

Terminating the Service

What if I Leave Queen's?

  • Please see the Service Termination Dates page for details on when service will be discontinued following departure from Queen's.


  • Examity is compliant with WCAG 2.0 at Level AA.


  • The targeted availability of this service is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24 x 7).
  • Users of the service should expect occasional but infrequent service interruptions or slowdowns, both planned and unplanned by Examity.
  • Where it is necessary to schedule system maintenance that necessitates a service outage, Examity will do this outside of regular business hours.
  • Please check the IT Services Notification page for information about planned and unplanned service outages.

Service Level Objective

Governing IT Policies

Users of this service are governed by the following policies - failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with suspension of service:

Privacy and Security

  • Examity is a third-party, cloud-based service provided by Examity, Inc. When using Examity, you are connecting to the third-party service. Queen’s has conducted a privacy and security review of Examity and has entered into a binding agreement with terms that address the appropriate collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with Ontario’s privacy legislation.

    For more information about security and privacy, see the FAQs on the Office of the University Registrar website.

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Last Updated: August 2020