Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Education and Awareness

Due to the nature of the work conducted through Queen’s University, a vast amount of confidential information is collected on computers and servers across campus. All members of the Queen's community have a responsibility to preserve the integrity and reliability of the University's IT infrastructure, and the confidentiality of valuable or sensitive information.  It is important to be aware of issues concerning computer safety at a personal (desktop) level. 

Keeping yourself informed of security issues, standards and bestpractices will go a long way toward protecting Queen's Community and the University from security breaches that could result in anything from minor inconvenience to legal action.

IT Security Awareness Course

Take the Information Security Awareness Training course. These modules are designed to highlight Information Security best practices on a variety of subjects ranging from using strong passwords to recognizing phishing attacks.

Phishing is Online Identity Theft Backup Your Data
Ransomware, Botnets, Drive-bys Is this web site safe?
Cyber Tips and Tricks Software Piracy
Cybersecurity Awareness Month Security Terminology


Additional Security Information

Recommended websites for security advisories and threats

Online Courses for Developers and System Administrators


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Last Updated: January 15, 2018