Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Warning about an e-mail scam exposing passwords

Queen’s University is aware of a national e-mail scam requesting a quantity of bitcoins to avoid the release of personal videos or pictures. The police are advising the public not to respond to these e-mails.

With this scam, people receive a personal e-mail from an anonymous sender advising that they captured the recipient’s password and provides the password in the e-mail. 

If you received the e-mail scam and the password is current, immediately change your password.

Prevention tips:

  1. Do not use the same password for all of your internet activity
  2. Restrict the use of your Queen’s email to sites necessary for your work or school activities.
  3. Change your password regularly.
  4. Make sure to use a reputable antivirus software and perform regular scans of your devices.
  5. Routinely verify the status of your personal e-mail by visiting This service allows you to verify if your email was compromised in a known data breach (e.g. Yahoo breach).

Please contact the IT Support Center or your local IT rep if you have any questions or require assistance.