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Encrypt & Protect Any Printable Mac File as PDF

Mac OS X has built in  tools that will create an encrypted, password protected PDF file.  If the file can be printed, it can be printed to an encrypted password protected PDF file.

Note:  If you lose or forget the password, there is no way to recover the password.  Data that has been encrypted cannot be recovered without the password.

  1. Open the file you want to save as a PDF file
    • Open  File menu and select Print
    • Select Save as PDF...


  2. The Save as screen will open
    • In the Save As: box enter a name to save the file as
    • You can also select where the file will be saved, give a title to the document, record the author and provide a subject.
    • Click the Security Options... button


  3. The PDF Security Options screen will open
    • Check the box beside Require password to open document
    • In the Password: field Enter a passwordfor the document
    • In the Verify: field re-enter the password.  Do NOT copy & paste the password.  If you made a mistake entering it originally the mistake will be copied and you will not be able to open the document
    • You can also require that a password be used to copy text, images or content, or to print the document.
    • Click the OK button
    • Your file has now been encrypted.


  4. When you open the PDF file you receive the message that a password is required
    • Enter the password


  5. The PDF file will open
    • The file is now ready to use.