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Encryption - BlackBerry

Please see the Blackberry instructions for your device for encrypting your Blackberry device

Q10 & Z10

  • On the Home screen swipe down from the top and select Settings
  • Select Security and select Encryption
  • Select Set the Device Encryption switch to On
  • If you have a media card you can also choose to set the Media Card Encryption switch to On.  Note:  To use your Media Card in another device you will need to decrypt it first by following the above instructions and selecting Set the Device Encryption switch to Off

 Older BlackBerry Encryption

 Set a Password

  • Open Options -> Security -> Password
  • Check the box to enable and choose a password
  • Choose the number of incorrect password attempts (10 max) before your BlackBerry will perform a security wipe.
  • Set the security timeout.  Various increments are available up to one hour.
  • Check Prompt on Application Install.  This will require that you enter your password when you or someone else downloads/installs an application.
  • Choose whether to allow outgoing calls while locked
  • Choose whether or not you want the device to lock when you put it in its holster.

Set a Device Memory

  • Open Options -> Security Encryption
  • Check the box to encrypt the device memory
  • Choose the Strength, based upon the password length you will use.  If you choose Stronger, use a password that is at least 12 characters long.  If you choose Strongest, choose a password that is at least 21 characters long.  Note:  A long password does not have to be hard to remember.  For example, "To be or not to be, THAT is the question!" is 41 characters long (with the spaces) and contains lower case, upper case, and punctuation.  But don't use that one; your BlackBerry only supports passwords up to 32 characters long!
  • Choose whether or not to encrypt contacts. 
  • Check the box to include media files. See the Encrypt Media Card below.

Encrypt Media Card

  • Check the box to encrypt the media card (continued from above)
  • Choose the mode.  If you choose Device Password, you will be able to view your encrypted media card files in a different BlackBerry (the different BlackBerry will prompt you for the password you used when you encrypted the media card), but your BlackBerry will become  vulnerable to a software crack that is commercially available.  So, use Device Password & Device Key and it will be safe.  Caution: Make sure your media card files are backed up properly (see below) somewhere (like on your pc).  If your BlackBerry dies, or if you or someone else wipes your phone, those files will be lost forever, because the device key that was in use in conjunction with the device password will be gone.
  • Check the box to include media files.

Note:  When backing up your encrypted media card files to your pc, you MUST use the Files feature of Desktop Software (latest version 7 works). You can't just drag and drop them using the card in a card reader or by plugging your BlackBerry in and choosing "USB." They will not transfer properly or otherwise work if you don't use Desktop Software. You can have a combination of encrypted and unencrypted files on your media card. Remember it this way: use DTS to transfer encrypted media card files back and forth between your BlackBerry and your pc; use the USB (mass storage mode) method only to transfer unencrypted files, the ones you don't care about encrypting.