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Information Technology Services

Manage Your BitLocker Recovery Key

Managing your BitLocker recovery key is the most important part of the encryption process. The recovery key is needed for you to gain access to your computer in the event that you forget your PIN, have certain hardware problems such as a motherboard replacement or hard drive crash, or even after performing a BIOS update. Without it there is no way to access your data.

During the BitLocker setup process Windows will prompt you to save or print your recovery key. As a best practice, ITServices recommends that you print your recovery key and keep it stored in a secure location separate from your computer. As an alternative you can save to a USB key and keep that stored in a secure location, or store it on a secure network drive.

If your computer is part of ITServices' Active Directory (AD) domain, you will have one more source of backup for your recovery key. As long as your computer was joined to the domain prior to encrypting with BitLocker, a copy of your recovery key will automatically be stored on our servers. There is no confirmation of this step as it happens automatically so if you would like to confirm that a copy has been backed up please call the IT Support Center at 613-533-6666.

If your computer was encrypted with BitLocker before it was joined to the AD and it is now a member, please see the Backing Up Your BitLocker Recovery Key to AD tutorial.

If you would like to join your computer to the domain please see the Active Directory service page or call the IT Support Center at 613-533-6666.