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Information Technology Services

Copy Machines, Printers and Multi-Function Devices with Hard Drives

Some copiers/printers/scanners/fax machines and multifunction devices (MFDs) contain hard drives which store scanned images of all the documents that are processed in those machines. When the machines are disposed of, any personal and confidential or operationally sensitive data contained on those hard drives are at risk of exposure if not disposed of properly.

In April 2010, CBS News exposed the security risks posed by improper disposal of copy machines:


In order to protect the personal, confidential and operationally sensitive data that may be contained on devices of this nature at Queen's, certain guidelines must be followed for both the installation/configuration and decommissioning of such devices. Please visit the page on Multifunction Device Security Hardening Guidelines for more information.

Enterprise Agreements

At Queen's, most copiers/printers/scanners/fax machines and MFDs with hard drives are acquired (leased) through our enterprise service agreements with the OT Group (Canon) and Seaway Solutions (Xerox). Both the OT Group and Seaway Solutions will ensure that the proper installation/configuration and decommissioning guidelines are followed.

Additional Information

The EDUCAUSE & Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) has gathered resources on this topic and developed a list of suggested steps to take when securing campus copiers, printers, or other multifunction devices:


Please contact the Information Security Office.

Last Updated: October 3, 2017