Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Best Practices

Basics of Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Devices:

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are any hardware devices which connect to the internet.

  1. Change the default admin password
  2. Keep the device up-to-date with security patches
  3. Subscribe/monitor for security updates and issues for the device(s)
  4. Where possible, place the device on a private IP by submitting a iTrack Ticket please include Building, Room, and Jack # and device MAC address.
    • Note: placing an IoT device on a private IP will require manual updating, since a private IP address can only access Queen's IPs.
  5. Register the IP address as DHCP Reserved (via the device's MAC address) in IPAM (IT Services' management system). This can be done at the same time as requesting a private IP address.

Note: if you change the device, send the old and new MAC addresses to IT Support Centre and request IP Address' MAC be updated for the new device.