Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Facilities Management

In the course of maintaining service facilities, ITS will:

  • House and maintain the hardware by providing power conditioning, cooling, humidity control, fire protection, and physical security protection for hardware
  • Install, configure and maintain application and operating systems with patches
  • Investigate suspected server-end problems and resolve as necessary
  • Communicate, using the Notification process, service outages due to:
    • Hardware failure and/or significant degradation
    • Scheduled maintenance
  • Implement automated mechanisms for daily backup of user data and system data that is stored on the servers
  • Implement appropriate security mechanisms to reduce the impact of viruses, worms, hacker intrusion and other security threats or risks
  • Install and maintain appropriate spam and virus abatement mechanisms in an effort to reduce the propagation of these within the University
  • Coordinate response to security issues related to the service.
  • Production changes will be communicated through the Notification process
  • For some services, provide an Administrator, responsible for maintaining the software configuration of the server.