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Office 365 ProPlus FAQ

ITS has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the Online Support Form or call us at 613 533 6666.


Q. What is Office 365 ProPlus?
Office 365 ProPlus is a subscription service plan in the new Office. It includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access and Skype for Business (differs for Mac users, see Office 365 ProPlus Service Page) that are installed on your desktop or laptop computer. Office 365 ProPlus is a user-based service that allows people to access Office applications on up to 5 devices.
Q. What does "subscription licence" mean?

It means that the machine where Office 365 ProPlus was installed needs to "call home" (connect to Office Licensing Service) every 30 days to check to see if the activation is valid for that machine. It simply requires an internet connection and the "call home" will happen in the background.

If the "call home" is unsuccessful, Office ProPlus applications will go into reduced functionality mode. Users will still be able to open up the applications, but will be limited in the functions they can carry out - essentially it gets locked into read-only mode. The user will be prompted to enter a product key or sign-in.

Q. Can I access the download by logging directly into my email in Office 365?

Yes. Students, faculty and staff with email accounts in Office 365 can download the software by logging directly into their Outlook email, or from any other web-based Office 365 application. Navigate to the Gear icon in the top right corner and search for Software to access your software center where you can download Office 365 ProPlus.

Q. I don't need all the packages that come with Office 365 ProPlus. Can I download only the ones I want?

Office 365 ProPlus is offered as a subscription. The applications are packaged together for a faster download and installation. Once you have installed Office 365 ProPlus, you can remove the shortcuts to the applications that you don't need.

Q. The default language is English (United States). How can I change my default language?

For help on changing the default language, please see the tutorial, Change the language Office uses in its menus and proofing tools.

Q. How do I deactivate an installation on either a PC or a Mac?

For help on deactivating an installation, please see the support article, Deactivate an Office 365 install.


Q. OneNote is asking me to login with my account and it fails. What account should I use?

On a mobile device, OneNote requires access to an account with OneDrive for Business and may not run until access is granted. Log in with your Queen's account. If you also have a Personal OneDrive account you can choose which one to log into.

Q. How do I avoid sync issues and broken links when I rename pages, sections, or notebooks in OneNote for Mac?

To help prevent broken links and sync issues when renaming OneNote notebooks, you’ll need to rename the notebook file at its source and ensure that the notebook is closed within the notebook application. For more information and instructions, please refer to Microsoft's support article - Rename pages, sections, or notebooks in OneNote for Mac


Q. I have a .PPT (PowerPoint file) and Office 2016 PowerPoint will not open it? It does open it on other computers.

PowerPoint 2016 will not open .PPT documents that reside outside your user directory (~/folder name). This is a bug and has been reported to Microsoft. As a workaround, move the file to your Documents folder or your Desktop folder. It will open then.

Last Updated: September 26, 2019