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Information Technology Services

Install Office 2016 for Mac from MyQueen'sU

Microsoft Office is provided at no cost for use on campus by departments.  It is licensed for faculty, staff and grad students of Queen's University for use on University owned computers.  It can be downloaded from MyQueen'sU free of charge. (The basic service is centrally funded).  This version of Office authenticates using the Key Management Service (KMS) server at Queen's. The server must be contacted at least once every six months by the computer on which it is installed.  This will happen in the background when you are on campus and  connected to the internet.

Office 2016 includes:  Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel and Lync (Skype for Business). OneNote can be installed separately from Apple Store.

Office 2016 requires OS X 10.10 or higher.  .

Download and Install Office 2016

  1. Log into MyQueen'sU 
    • Enter your NetID (not your email alias)
    • Enter your Password
    • Click the Login Button


  2. MyQueensU will open
    • Select the Software Centre tab
    • Scroll down until you see Microsoft Office
    • Select Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
    • The download will begin


  3. Open your Downloads folder
    • Locate the Office 2016 ISO file
    • double click to open the file


  4. The Office Installer screen will open
    • Click the Office Installer.pkg icon to being the installer


  5. The Welcome to the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Installer screen will open
    • Click the Continue button


  6. The Licence screen will be displayed
    • Read the licence
    • Click the Continue button
    • A popup will open requiring you to click the Agree button to continue the installation
    • Click Agree


  7. The Destination Select screen will open
    • If you want Office to be installed at the default location, click the Install button
    • If you would prefer a different location click the Change Install Location... button 


  8. The Security screen will open
    • In the Name: field enter the Administrators username 
    • In the Password: field enter the Administrators Password
    • Click the Install Software button


  9. The installation will continue until it is completed
    • Several screen detailing where you are in the installation process will be displayed
    • When The installation was successful screen is displayed click the Close button


First Run

Locate one of the Office apps and open it.  You will be prompted for information that is required to configure the app for your preferences.  Note:  if you already have Office installed on your computer, you may not see the First Run steps, or you may be asked for permission to access the Microsoft Permissions already stored in the keychain.

  1. You will be prompted to personalize your copy of Office
    • In the First name: field enter your first name.  This information will be used within the software to identify you.  This field is required.
    • In the Last name: field enter your last name.  This is optional.
    • In the Company name: field enter your department name or Queen's University or both
    • Click the Continue button


  2. The Help Improve Microsoft Office screen will open
    • In the Keep Office for Mac up to Date? select Yes.  Note:  if you do not keep Office up to date you will not receive any additional features that Microsoft provides from time to time and problems or security breaches will not be fixed.
    • In the Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program? select No.
    • Click the Continue button


  3. The Congratulations! screen will open
    • Click the Done button


  4. Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 will start (if this was the application you originally opened)
  5. The Welcome to Word 2016 screen will open
    • The screen will give a brief description of some of the features of Word 2016. 
    • To Learn More click the Lean More button
    • To continue to use Word click the Continue button


  6. The Word Document Gallery screen will open
    • Select the template you wish to use
    • Click the Choose button


Auto Update

  1. The Microsoft AutoUpdate screen will open
    • Select the Radio button beside Automatically
    • From the drop down menu select how often you would like to check for updates
    • Click the Check for Updates button. Note:  even though you have just installed this software it is possible that there are updates that need to be installed.


  2. A list showing what updates are available will be displayed
    • Under the Install field select the update to install.  A brief description of the update is shown in the bottom half of the screen
    • Click the Install button


  3. The security screen will open
    • In the Name: field enter the administrator's username
    • In the Password: field enter the administrator's password
    • Click the Install Software button


  4. The installation will be completed
    • When the Installation was successful screen is displayed click the Close button
    • You can now use word.


Last Updated: October 23, 2017