Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

SAS Installation Tutorial


  1. Log into MyQueen'sU using your NetID and password
    • Click the Software Centre tab
    • From the list of available software locate SAS
    • Click the file to download it to your computer. 
      • Note where the files are downloading to. You will need to locate the file to extract it. 
      • Note:  the download can take longer than 20 minutes to complete.  Be patient.
      • Right click the file and select Extract All.  Choose the option to Show extracted files when complete.
  2. Begin the installation by right-clicking on the QueensSASInstall.cmd file and choosing Run As Administrator.
    *Note* - ITS has created a custom installer. DO NOT run the setup.exe as usual
  3. The Queen's SAS Installer will launch and start the installation.  
    • The installer launches in a Command Prompt window and does not require any user interaction.
    • As the prompts indicate, the installation will take quite a while so be patient. There is no progress bar but as long as the Command Prompt window is open, the installation is still in progress.
    • When the installer finishes it will either give you a "Successfully Installed" message, where you can press any key to finish, or an "Installation Failure" message where you should contact the IT Support Centre at 613-533-6666.
    • After installation on Windows 10 SAS 9.4 applications are added to start menu:
      SAS Application installed in start menu: SAS Viewer, Enterprise Guide, SAS IML Studio etc.