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Information Technology Services

SPSS Version 25 Installation Tutorial

In support of the Queen’s Strategic plan, Queen’s University has increased funding for enterprise wide teaching and learning software. The increase in funding will allow ITS to provide all Students, Staff and Faculty access to software free of charge through the MyQueen'sU Software Center.

The following software will be licenced for use by all faculty, staff, students and departments of Queen’s university.  To download copies of the Enterprise software go to and select the Software Centre tab. 

About the installation

  • Licenses are tied to your computer's hardware with a lock code. If you replace your computer or its hardware, the SPSS software will no longer function because your machine's lock code will have changed. You will need to repeat the authorization process to license your copy of SPSS software.
  • SPSS software licences are linked to your computer's system clock at the time of installation and are therefore highly sensitive to time changes of your computer clock. If you change the system time on your computer, the product may stop functioning. SPSS technical support will need the lock code of your computer in order to generate a new licence for your computer. Please ensure that your computer's date and time are set correctly before you install SPSS software.
  • To install SPSS software, you must be logged on to your computer with administrator privileges.

License Expiration Date: Sept 2019.

Download From MyQueen'sU

SPSS licensing is currently being reviewed and until the review is complete, the software is being made available at no-charge to staff and faculty.

  • Log into MyQueen'sU and select the Software Centre.
  • Locate SPSS in the list of available software
  • Select the version you wish to install:  Window or Mac
  • The authorization code is available on MyQueen'sU.  Make note of it as you will be required to enter the code during installation. 


Installing the SPSS 25 software - Windows

  1. It is recommended that you uninstall an older version of SPSS, SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Statistics or PASW Statistics.
  2. Log into MyQueen'sU with your NetID and Password
  3. Click the Software Centre tab to open it
  4. Click on SPSS download file (download will begin)
  5. Open download
  6. Scroll through SPSS download files and select “setup”
  7. User Account Control Window may pop-up – Select Yes if it does
  8. Click next in IBM SPSS Statistics 25 – Install Shield Wizard
  9. Read and accept terms, click next
  10. Select Yes or No to Python, click next, accepting license agreement if selected Yes
  11. Select SPSS install location (or leave as default) click next again If you selected No to Python
  12. Click Install
  13. When complete, Ensure the Check Box is selected to "Start SPSS Statistics 25 License Authorization Wizard"
  14. Click Finish
  15. Click OK when the install finishes
  16. Product Authorization Window will open
  17. Select “Authorized user license ( I purchased a single copy of the product)” click next
  18. Enter Product key as obtained in MyQueensU Software Centre (must be connected to internet), click next
  19. Internet Authorization Status will pop-up, click next
  20. The Licensing Completed window will appear and will display the Expiry Date.
  21. Click Finish

How do students get support for IBM SPSS products developed for students?


Note: The SPSS Legacy Viewer  is available from SPSS .  It  allows SPSS users to view and edit output (.spo files) created in previous versions (15 and earlier) of SPSS for Windows. Install this viewer if you need to view output created in older versions of SPSS.

Installing Fixes and Updates for SPSS

The easiest way to find, obtain, and install updates and patches to SPSS software is to go directly to the SPSS Technical Support web site. You will need to set up a login account.