Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services
IT Services is migrating content about our services from the IT Services website to our service request platform, ServiceNow. The content on this webpage is no longer maintained and is not up to date. It is now located in our Knowledge Base within our Service Portal.


SAS Installation Tutorial


  1. Log into MyQueen'sU using your NetID and password
    • Click the Software Centre tab
    • From the list of available software locate SAS
    • Click the file to download it to your computer. 
      • Note where the files are downloading to. You will need to locate the file to extract it. 
      • Note:  the download can take longer than 20 minutes to complete.  Be patient.
      • Right click the file and select Extract All.  Choose the option to Show extracted files when complete.
  2. Begin the installation by right-clicking on the QueensSASInstall.cmd file and choosing Run As Administrator.
    *Note* - ITS has created a custom installer. DO NOT run the setup.exe as usual
  3. The Queen's SAS Installer will launch and start the installation.  
    • The installer launches in a Command Prompt window and does not require any user interaction.
    • As the prompts indicate, the installation will take quite a while so be patient. There is no progress bar but as long as the Command Prompt window is open, the installation is still in progress.
    • When the installer finishes it will either give you a "Successfully Installed" message, where you can press any key to finish, or an "Installation Failure" message where you should contact the IT Support Centre at 613-533-6666.
    • After installation on Windows 10 SAS 9.4 applications are added to start menu:
      SAS Application installed in start menu: SAS Viewer, Enterprise Guide, SAS IML Studio etc.