Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

macOS 10.15 Catalina

The following table summarizes the results of ITS testing of Mojave (10.15) Operating System against university services and supported software. 

Apple File System (new in High Sierra)

  • When installing macOS Mojave, the new file system is implemented as the default for Solid State Drives, replacing the old HFS+ file system. APFS is:
    • A 64-bit file system that is optimized for modern storage like solid state drives and is easily adaptable to future storage technologies.
    • Safe and secure, offering crash protection, safe document saves, stable snapshots, simplified backups, and native encryption.
    • More responsive than HFS+, with instant file and directory cloning, fast directory sizing, high performance parallelized metadata operations, and sparse file writes.
    • A significant improvement over HFS+ that's going to introduce better performance in the form of simple encryption, faster file transfers, and more.

Please Note: Updating the file system of an operating system can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure. Please contact the IT Support Centre if you have any questions about upgrading.



Windows Services



Active Directory



Windows File Service

  mapped drive to smb:// with Cisco Any Conect VPN.

Adobe Software

Adobe Reader


Basic testing only.

Adobe System Requirements list it supports: Mac OS X v10.11, 10.12, 10.13, or 10.14


Adobe Acrobat Pro


Acrobat DC compatibility High Mojave v10.14 support statement from Adobe.

Adobe Flash Player


Antivirus Software

ESET End Point Protection


  • Important: Must upgrade to V6.8 or later from
  • User needs to add system Extension exception for it to work (see notes).
  • And give full disk access is the Security & Privacy System Preferences (it will prompt you). 

For OS X 10.13 or later, the following message is presented after installation:
System Extension blocked
A program tried to load new system extension(s) signed by "ESET, spool. s r.o.". If you want to enable these extensions, open Security & Privacy System Preferences.
User needs to follow the instructions and then press OK to clear the Alert.
Upon completion of installation: Installer reports "Installation failed. Contact manufacturer for assistance."
But it did install, and next login will launch correctly and do updates.

Internet Browsers



Using Safari V12.0 

Google Chrome


Download from



Download from

Microsoft Office
Office 2011 Not supported. Please upgrade to Office 2016 prior to updating and remove Office 2011.

Word 2011

Not supported.


Excel 2011

Not supported.


Outlook 2011

Not supported.


PowerPoint 2011

Not supported.


Skype for Business (Lync)


Office 365 ProPlus   This is is the subscription version of Office 2016 as downloaded in Office 365. This is meant for personally owned computers only.

Office 201

Not supported by Microsoft.

Recommend upgrading to Office 365 Pro Plus.

OneDrive for Business





Not compatibly with Safari, use Desktop client; Firefox or Chrome if using web interface.

Connectivity Software

Campus VPN Client


downloaded V4. from (accept the certificate to install).

Remote Gateway via Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP/RDG )


 installed V10 from Apple Store, and configured for RDG

​tested connection to terminal server.

Wireless connectivity


Administrative Software



Tested access to myHR from off campus
using AND
AnyConnect VPN to campus vpn.

Admin PS not tested yet.

Using Safari V12.0 and Any Connect V4.6

Applications / Services


As of October 31, 2019, the QShare service has been decommissioned. 

Test Web UI using Safari V12.0  and

Xythos Drive V1.7.17758 required.

Upgrade Xythos drive client before updating OS.

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

Not tested. No longer used at Queen's

Users need to migrate to WFS or use OneDrive for backups.

Queen's Wiki


Using Safari V12.0 




Outlook Web App


Using Safari V12.0 

Java 8




V25 was tested.



X9 Version

Need to install new version from or apply update prior to upgrading.



Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019