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Information Technology Services


Pop-ups are windows that "pop up" when you surf to certain websites. They interrupt your progress through a website. These pop-ups are often used to display unwanted advertising or pornography on the screen. However, they can be integrated into some web sites for other, more practical purposes.

If you are required to login to a site, the login screen may be a pop-up.

While viewing some pages, pop-ups are used to request additional information. The additional information is presented in a pop-up window that you can view and then close when you are ready.

At Queen's, the following sites use pop-ups, and there may be others:

  • (SOLUS)

Many Internet banking sites use pop-up login screens.

If you are trying to access services over the Internet and they are not responding as expected, it may be because a pop-up has been blocked.

Most browsers now have the ability to stop pop-up windows from opening. However, they cannot differentiate between valid pop-ups that are requesting login information, and unwanted advertisements. If you configure your browser to block pop-ups, you will no longer see these login screens. Instead of configuring your browser to block all pop-ups, configure your browser to allow exceptions.

For step-by-step instructions on configuring pop-up settings, please visit the webpage in Enabling Pop-Ups.