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Frequently Asked Questions

ITServices has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the Online Help Form or call us at 613.533.6666.

Q. What is my login and password?
Your Streaming Service login is your Queen’s NetID and associated password.
Q. What do I do if I've forgotten my streaming account password?
Follow the standard procedure to Reset Your NetID Password.
Q. Where can I find information on how to use the Streaming Service?
Visit the Streaming Service Definition page to learn more about the service and tutorials for various how-to instruction sets.
Q. How do I get a personal account?
Details on eligibility and requirements are available on the Streaming Service Definition page.
If you are eligible, have a Queen’s NetID and email service, then log in to the Streaming Service at using your Queen’s NetID and password to activate your account.
If you do not have Queen’s email service, please contact your Department’s ITAdmin Rep to have it added to your NetID.
Q. How do I get a course account?
Due to personal account quota increase, course content can now be uploaded to your personal account.
Q. How do I get a Departmental Account?
Your Department’s ITAdmin Rep can request an account.
Q. How do I change or transfer ownership of a departmental streaming account?
Submit a Help Form; include the NetID of the person the account should be transferred to.
Q. How do I delegate someone access to my account to help with Captioning?
Fill out the Grant, modify or remove access to the Streaming service form requesting to delegate your Streaming Service account.
Q. How do I manage another library (e.g. departmental or someone for whom I am a delegate)?
Log into your account. At the top of the page, click the dropdown box to the right of your name and choose the library you would like to manage. Anything you do now will apply to this other library - don't forget to select your library when you're finished!
Q. I no longer need my streaming account, how do I delete it?
For personal libraries, please submit a Help Form, asking to delete your streaming account.
For Departmental Libraries, your Department’s ITAdmin Rep can request cancellation of the account by completing the Help Form.
Q. Where do I upload my media files?
Q. Why don't see the option to upload content when following the Uploading and Managing Content tutorial?
If you login to the service and don’t see the option to add content, this is likely because you are not eligible for a personal library. In order to upload content, you’ll need to be added as a delegate to a departmental or other library.
Q. File names: can I have spaces and special characters in my file names?
Any character allowed in a file name by your operating system can be uploaded.
Q. I've just uploaded my file and it's listed in my Media Library as "Ready", why do I get an error that my file can't be found?
After uploading a video, it will be displayed in the Media Library with a "Ready" status, but you may encounter an error when attempting to play it. This is because the video is still being processed. Processing takes approximately as long as the length of the video. (e.g. A 3 minute video will take ~3 minutes to process and a 40 minute video will take ~40 minutes to process.)
Q. A video won't play for me. Any suggestions?
There are many possible answers. We suggest following our Viewing a Video tutorial. If our test video does not play after completing the tutorial, please contact the IT Support Centre for additional assistance. If our video does play, the problem is probably with the way the video was added to the page. In this case, please contact the maintainer of the site where the video is located.
Q. Can I stream just audio?
Yes, you can stream MP3 and AAC files from your account. Follow the tutorial on Embedding Content.
Q. Is live streaming supported?
Yes, please see the Live Stream tutorial.
Q. I no longer have the original of my video, is it possible to download it from the Streaming Server?
Please contact the Streaming Service Support team at
Q. Where is the content from the course account I had in the Original Streaming Service?
Course account content were moved to the new Streaming Service library of the person who sponsored the course account. In some cases, this may be your Department’s ITAdmin Rep. If you cannot find your old course content, contact the IT Support Centre.

Last Updated: May 12, 2020