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How to Determine the Width and Height of a Video

There are many ways to determine the width and height of a video. We recommend using the open source program MediaInfo (opens in new window).

  1. Download and install the GUI version of MediaInfo with installer (opens in new window).
  2. Open MediaInfo.
  3. In Windows, select the button labeled "...". In OS X, click on the icon with a magnifying glass over top of a musical note, or in the program menu, select File > OpenOpen File(s).
  4. Navigate to the location of the file, select it and then select Open.
  5. In the section "First Video Stream", you will see something similar to "English, 314 Kbps, 320*240 (4:3), at 30.000 FPS, WMV1". The third item in is the one we're interested in: 320 = height; 240 = width.