Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

The Streaming Service Interface

After logging in to the Streaming Service, you will arrive on the main landing page and will see:

screenshot of Streaming Service interface

letter A symbol The Navigation Pane in the left column.

letter b symbol A menu icon at the top left of the interface to hide/show the Navigation Pane.

letter C symbol Three fields at the top of the interface used to switch between the current institution, organizations, and libraries.

letter D symbol Displays current user and option to Log Out.

letter E symbol Help button, which links to Streaming Service Tutorials.


The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane provides access to all areas of the Streaming Service interface.

The core elements of the interface are:

  • Media Library: Holds all the video content for the library and includes functions allowing you to add, edit, delete, share, and search video content.
  • Shared Library: View and publish videos shared to your library by other Streaming Service users.
  • Playlists: Define and manage Playlists (Web Destinations) where you can make your video content available to external viewers.
  • Live Stream: Create and record live video streams.
  • Administration: Customize content settings, and set video sharing permissions.


Change the Visibility of the Navigation Pane

To hide or show the Navigation Pane, select the menu icon at the top left of the interface. 

screenshot of show or hide navigation pane button


View Different Libraries

The three fields at the top of the interface display the current Institution, Organization, and Library.

screenshot of three fields for selecting different libraries

If you have access to other libraries, select the library drop-down field to select from the list of available libraries.

screenshot of libraries drop-down menu

If you have access to other Organization(s), you may navigate those drop-down fields in a similar fashion.

screenshot of organization drop-down menu


Log Out

  1. Select your username at the top-right corner of the interface.
  2. Select Log Out.
    screenshot of logout menu item