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Information Technology Services

Queen's Managed Mobile Plans

Information Technology Services (IT Services) offers the Queen's Managed Mobile Plans exclusively for Queen's departments, faculty, and staff. In collaboration with Telus mobility, these plans offer significant savings when compared to most consumer cell phone and data plans.

You will need your NetID and Password to Access 

FAQs for Queen's Managed Mobile 

If you require a change to your existing plan or payment method, or you have a general enquiry, please email with your request, and we will have the appropriate team member contact you as soon as possible.

Can I change my phone number?

If you require a change to your existing plan, please email with your request, and we will have the appropriate team member contact you as soon as possible.

How do I change my credit card information?

If you require a change to your existing payment method, please email with your request, and we will have the appropriate team member contact you as soon as possible.

What happens when I exceed my phone plan data limit?

IT Services will notify you via text message from Telus when you get close to your data limit and when you have exceeded your limit.

Please note: Exceeding your data limit may result in overage charges at $0.05/MB.

Here are some helpful hints to reduce your data usage:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible.
  2. Turn off video auto-play for popular apps such as Facebook.
  3. If using Netflix on your device, log into your account and reduce the quality of the feed to low or medium. Leaving it automatic provides HD quality using up to 3 GB per hour or Ultra HD, which uses 7 GB per hour!
  4. When tethering to a computer (creating a hot spot), make sure automatic updates are turned off on the computer.  Windows updates running in the background can add up to 2-3 GB!

To prevent going over your data limit, we strongly recommend you track your data usage monthly on your device by following the instructions below:

Tracking usage on iOS:

  1. Open Settings. You can find this app on your home screen.
  2. Tap Cellular. This is locate in the top group of options.
  3. Scroll down to Cellular Data Usage. Your usage information will be listed. The current period tracking does not automatically reset for your billing cycle. This means that if you do not reset it yourself, the information here may be very inaccurate.
  4. Reset your data usage statistics. In order to get the most accurate readings from the iPhone, reset the statistics on the first day of every billing cycle (25th of each month). You can reset them by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and tapping
    the 'Reset Statistics' option.

Tracking usage on Android:

  1. Open Settings,
  2. Tap Data Usage.
  3. Change the dates to start on the 25th of each month.
  4. You can move the two lines to make your phone notify you when you reach the warning amount and the limit amount.
  5. Check the Set Mobile Data Limit check box to avoid overages.
What is our billing cycle?

You are charged on the 1st of every month. The billing cycle is from the 25th of the current month to the 24th of the next month. You are billed one month in advance for your basic fee. If you have overages or add-ons, they will be charged separately.

What happens if my monthly payment has been declined by my credit card?

There is a late fee of $15.00 for each payment not made when due.

Are students eligible for a Queen's Managed Mobile Plan?

No, students are not eligible at this time.

What payment methods are accepted?

A university account code (for departmental plans), a valid credit card, or a valid Visa Debit card are accepted payment methods. Payroll deduction is available for eligible users.

May I bring my own device?

Yes. The advantage to bringing your own device is that you do not have to tie yourself to a contract; you may go month to month.

May I purchase a phone without a plan?

Depending on supply, used phones may be available for purchase.

How long is my contract?

If Queen's Managed Mobile provides you with a new phone, your contract is 24 months. If you are still eligible at the end of your contract you will be able to renew and choose a new phone.

What happens if I break the cellphone? 

Repairs may be handled through independent repair centres or arranged through Queen's Managed Mobile. In-warranty issues must be arranged through Queen's Managed Mobile only. The phone must be returned in its original condition - minus normal wear and tear.

What happens if I lose the cellphone?

The cellphone must be reported as stolen to stop any charges, then it must be purchased; a loaner will be provided for the duration of the contract.

Will I get an invoice?

Answer: No, invoices will not be provided.

Can I access my statement to view my charges or usage?

No, this is a corporate account. The Administrators of the Queen's Managed Mobile Plan will access billing information upon request to provide billing details.

Contact Information

For general inquiries about a new or existing Queen's Managed Mobile Plans:

Email: (preferred method)

Text: 343-364-2058

Phone: Call the IT Support Centre at 613-533-6666

Online: Fill out the Online Help Form.


The Queen's Managed Mobile Plans is located in the IT Support Centre, in Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Rm B205 (on Student Street across from the cafeteria).

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday from 9 - 12:30 pm and 1:30 - 4:00 pm. Closed evenings, weekends, and holidays

Mailing address

Queen's Managed Mobile Plans
Information Technology Services
68 University Ave., Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room B205
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada  K7L 3N9

Last Updated: July 18, 2019