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Information Technology Services

Telephony Replacement Program

Program Description

Queen’s University continues to operate a legacy Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system. The move to replace this traditional telephony system is paramount, particularly given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many Queen’s users have shifted to Microsoft Teams for web, audio, and video conferencing. The telephony replacement program aims to leverage this shift by enabling and piloting a number of users with Teams Telephony to ensure business requirements are tested and functional prior to rolling out a campus-wide solution. 

What will change for Queen's telephone users?

Queen's implemented its PBX system over 35 years ago. The ability for Queen's to maintain and repair its telephony system is coming to an end due to lack of parts and expertise. The program seeks to replace this core capability with modern technology to continue supporting current processes relying on telephony services and to provide new capabilities in light of a shifting workplace environment. Given the rollout of Microsoft Teams across the university already, Queen's will reuse Teams to provide modern telephony services into the future.

Importantly, there will be existing telephony requirements that may not be met by Microsoft Teams, such as:

  • Emergency phones
  • Elevator phones
  • Fax machines

The program will capture these requirements and develop an RFP for vendors to assist in providing appropriate solutions.

For most people in the Queen's community, Microsoft Teams will satisfy their telephony needs, including the ability to: 

  • Make and receive phone calls using their existing Queen’s telephone number or extension using the Microsoft Teams client
  • Transfer calls between individuals across Queen’s.
  • Place calls on hold.
  • Use different devices to make and receive calls (e.g., cell phone, laptop, etc.).

All of these features are available irrespective of the physical device and location of the user.

Key Project Milestones

Phase Description Term
Phase 1 Port a small number of individual users (~300) to Teams, using Microsoft Telephony plans.  Fall 2020/Winter 2021
Phase 2(a)

Develop and procure integration partner, solution, and support provider to migrate end user telephone lines to MS Teams and/or Call Centre solution.

Spring/Summer 2021
Phase 2(b) Begin Queen's-wide rollout, beginning Fall 2021. Fall 2021/Winter 2022

Supporting Documentation for Pilot Users

How to prepare for your migration

IT Services recommends you perform the following steps prior to the migration:

  • Check your traditional on-campus voicemail. Your voicemail will not be transferred to Microsoft Teams. Prior to migration, IT Services recommends clearing out your voicemail.
    • To access your voicemail, dial 613-533-6520.
    • Note that your voicemail will continue to be accessible post-migration.
  • Install or update the Microsoft Teams client on your device.
  • Configure your Teams voicemail and record a greeting.
    • Instructions for configuring and checking your Teams voicemail are available in the Voicemail section of the Teams Calls page.
  • Sign out and back into Teams when you have confirmation that your account is enabled.

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the Telephone Replacement Program Form.