Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Queen's Dialing Codes for 8003/8004 Telephones

Locations that are equipped with analog service must use the following commands to activate the available features.

(Red means numbers that are dialed by the telephone user)




Link, Telephone Number , Hangup

Conference Link, Telephone Number , Link
Consultation Link, Telephone Number , talk, when consulted party hangs up, you are automatically reconnected to 1st party
Hold - set Link, #4, will ring once every 60 seconds as reminder
Hold - release Press hook switch or pick up handset
Call Park - set Link, 1171, optional Telephone Number,hang up
Call Park - retrieve Link, 1172, plus Telephone Number where parked
Call Forward - set Pick up handset, #1, Telephone Number
(good number = silence, bad number = fast busy) 
Call Forward - cancel Pickup, #1, hang up