Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Voice Mail

Voice Messaging is an automated answering system which allows both ON Campus and OFF Campus callers to leave messages if you are unable to take their call. The Messaging System can also:

  • Allow the caller to exit to another extension
  • Inform you when you have a message
  • Allow you to retrieve your messages from any touch tone telephone
  • Through personal greetings, inform callers where you are and when you expect to return
  • Allow you to call the person who left you a message with the touch of one button (internal callers only)
  • Allow you to send and retrieve information at your own convenience
  • Allow you to create and save personal distribution lists containing commonly used mailbox numbers
  • Allow you to forward a message that you have received to one or more people
  • Allow you to reply to a message and all who received the same message
  • See the Related Links section for more features

Getting Started


  • Members of the Queen's community who have a Queen's telephone.

Install or Change:

  • Department orders to install voice mail are placed by the ITAdmin Rep.
  • Password Changes can be requested by the ITAdmin Rep or the user of the phone if your name matches  the name in our phone records.  Otherwise, the ITAdmin Rep will have to request the password change for you.

Additional Info

Voice mail can work with any telephone set on the Queen's system without changing the telephone set. 

*Please note: Messages that you have listened to will be automatically deleted by the voice mail system after 6 days

Numbers to Remember:

36520 On campus access to Voice Mail
613-533-6520 Worldwide access to Voice Mail from any touch tone phone
613-533-6000 Anytime Auto Attendant access from any touch tone phone to internal Queen's phone numbers
77777 "Express Messaging" from any internal Queen's phone to a voice mailbox
32000 or "0" Queen's Switchboard

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Help & Support

  • Forgot your voice mail password?  Call 613 533-6666.  Your password can be changed if your name matches the name in our phone records.
  • Newly acquired phone?  Ask your ITAdmin Rep to call 613-533-6666 for the password to be changed.


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Last Updated: July 7, 2017