Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Site Header

The site header image and text can be defined in a few different ways, depending on how the site’s header image has been created, and how much customization is necessary. WebPublish end-users do not have access to the site appearance settings, if you would like to have changes made to the header text or image, please contact WebPublish Support by submitting a help form.

Note: All requests for changes to the site header must be submitted or approved by the site owner.

Header Text

There are three lines of text that are available for the site title and description. You can optionally have separate text or text size/weight for mobile devices (mobile layout only).

Available options:

  • Font Sizes:  Small (16px), Medium (24px), Large (32px) Extra Large (40px)
  • Formats:  Normal or Bold
  • Header text colours:  white, black or blue
  • Header Text Background Colours: Black, White, Red, Grey or Blue (the background can improve text legibility on mobile devices).

Header Image (the Banner)

As part of the WebPublish service offering, site owners can choose a header image from our current collection of generic (at no cost), or have a banner created by University Relations (cost-recovery fee for service). 

Current collection of generic banners


blue purple banner


red purple banner


yellow purple banner

Red Pattern

red pattern banner

Grey Pattern

grey pattern banner

White Ivy

white ivy banner

Grey Ivy

grey ivy banner

Grey Building

grey building banner

Campus in Fall - Blue

blue with campus in fall banner

Grant Hall - Red

Grant Hall red banner

Grant Hall - Grey

Grant Hall grey banner