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Information Technology Services

Site Theme

The colour scheme (menu bar and footer), background, and site header can be easily customized by a WebPublish Administrator upon request. Site-wide block styling can also be requested.

Note: All requests for changes to the site header must be submitted or approved by the site owner.

Site-wide Block Styling

Within WebPublish, you can request to have default block styling applied to new and existing blocks on your site. For more information on the style options available, please see our Styling Blocks tutorial. To request changes to your default block style settings, please submit an IT Support Centre Help Form.

Colour Scheme, Page Background, Page Shadowing and Post-script Format

Simply choose a colour scheme, page background, page shadowing option and postscript format from available options and submit to request the change using the IT Support Centre Help Form.

The default out-of-box theme is set to red, beige texture background with blue/purple banner.


Grey (R85, G85, B85; #555555)

Grey colour option, R85, G85, B85

Blue (R17, G51, B93; #11335D)

blue colour option, R17, G51, B93

Red (R157, G25, B57; #9D1939)

Red colour option, R157, G25, B57

Dark Blue (R0, G0, B51; #000033)

Dark blue colour option, R0, G0, B51


Grey Texture

grey textured background sample

Beige Texture

beige textured background sample

Grey Gradient

grey gradient background sample

Blue Gradient

blue gradient background sample


screenshot of the white "no background" option


Page Shadowing

With Shadowing

screenshot of a site configured with no drop-shadow in the background

Without Shadowing

screenshot of a site configured with no drop-shadow in the background

Postscript Formatting

Hairline Border

screenshot of the hairline border postscript formatting


screenshot of the shaded postscript formatting


screenshot of a site configured with no postscript formatting