Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

People Directory


The people directory in WebPublish allows site contributors to create profile pages for their staff, faculty, students, etc., and have those pages aggregate into a searchable directory.

Features include:

  • customizable affiliations (e.g., staff, faculty, student),
  • table or image style directory listings (with and without profile pictures),
  • profile pages for each individual,
  • directory entry fields for name, position, phone, email, office, unit, short and long descriptions.
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IMPORTANT: student information cannot be published unless the student has provided permission in writing to do so.
For more information, visit the Access and Privacy Policy page on the Office of the University Registrar’s site.

Getting Started

Site owners can contact WebPublish support by submitting an IT Services Help Form to request an initial consultation, activation and configuration of the People Directory on their site. Once the People Directory module is ready for use, editors, publishers and site administrators will be able to use the feature, in the same manner as the basic page content type. For details on permissions for each of the roles, please visit Role Definitions page.