Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

The Management Menu

The Management Menu is Located at the top left of the screen.  How much you see of the Management menu will depend on your role. 

The Site Administrator will see the entire menu 

screenshot of navigation menu for Site Administrator

The Editor and the Publisher see a smaller version of the menu.  The functions they cannot perform at not displayed.

screenshot of navigation menu for Editor and Publisher


  • Is visible on every page
  • Clicking this link will return you to the Home page

My Workbench

For a more detailed description see the My Workbench Tutorial

This is the users work area.  It contains 4 tabs

  1. My Content
    • My Profile
    • My Edits
    • All Recent Content
  2. Create Content
    • Create a Basic Page
  3. My Drafts
    • Shows the Moderation State of all the pages created by you 
    • The Moderation State can be changed to Needs Review or Published from here
    • pages can be sorted by Moderation State
  4. Needs Review
    • Displays all pages on the site that have a Moderation State of Needs Review
    • Even pages created and worked on by others appear in this list


  • Add content button to create a new basic page
  • Show Only Items where (filtering)
  • Contents listed by page


  • This menu is visible by Site Administrators only


  • This menu is visible by Site Administrators only

  • The People menu is where other users are added to the WebPublish site

  • Roles are assigned

  • Roles can be updated either adding more permissions or removing permissions

  • Users can be deleted  


  • This menu is visible by Site Administrators only

  • The configuration menu is where the layout for the Web Site is configured


  • This menu is visible by Site Administrators only

  • Reports can be generated


  • Contains a link to WebPublish Tutorials

  • Contains a link to the IT Services Help Form